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Serpentine Belt Cost

How much does it cost to replace a Serpentine Belt on a Toyota Camry Solara?

What year & engine? The belt isn’t very expensive, $20 - $40, the dealer will be the most expensive. Labor is a function of time, maybe half an hour. What’s the hourly rate where you’ll have the work done?

It is a Toyota solara 2004. At Sears Auto center, I’m told $75+ for parts and $55+ for labor.

Is anything being replaced in addition to the belts such as the tensioner? If $75 is just for one belt then that is far too expensive.

Others might want to jump through this hoop but I will not. Get a quote from people who do these things. A serpentine belt costs around 20 or 30 dollars for the part alone.

Which engine?? 4 cylinder or 6? Belts appear to be less expensive for the V6. See here:,carcode,1429051,parttype,8900,carcode,1434112,parttype,8900

They probably don’t know if its a V-6 or an I-4.
I’ve noticed that a huge portion of the people who own Toyota’s only know what color it is, and where the key goes. They typically are the ones who pull in on the wrong side of the gas pump, and then struggle to fill up their cars when the hose is too short to reach.

I had one of these people yell at me the other week when I pulled into the last available gas pump in my Porsche, and then they pulled in front of my car, expecting me to get back into my car, back it up, and let them use the pump I just pulled into.