Serpentine belt replacement

I had a multi-point check done on my 1991 Toyota Solara w/ 50,000 miles on it done following an oil change last week. The garage said I really need to think about changing the serpentine belt since my car is 9 years old even though it only has 50,000 miles. The est. was $800. They also gave me an estimate on changing the brake and power steering fluids ($200). Are these services necessary and are the est. costs in line?

First question: 1991 or 2001? Nine years old matches with 2001.

Second question: timing belt replacement (which would be closer to the price quoted) or only serpentine accessory belt replacement? If only the serpentine, get a couple more estimates.

Based on age, both the timing belt and accessory belts may need replacement. Brake fluid certainly. Power steering fluid maybe, due to age, but I have a truck that is doing fine with PS fluid that is 15 years old.

Serpentine belt, $30…Timing belt, $400-$500. Fluid changes, $80 for the brakes, $40 for the P.S. The above prices are a rough estimate.

If you have an “interference” engine, the TIMING belt is critical. If the engine is non-interference, that belt is somewhat less critical…

$800 for a serp belt? They are nuts.

Serpentine belt could approach the cost of a timing belt if the tensioner has to be replaced too. At least on some cars.

And no, OP, that’s a terrible price. Get another estimate. Did you go to a dealer? If so, don’t.

Belts have two lives. Time and miles. You should replace them based on which ever comes first.

Are you sure it is the serpentine belt and not the timing belt? I can’t imagine a serpentine belt costing anywhere near that much.

This just doesn’t add up. Either you misunderstood what they were referring to, or they are consumate rip-off artists!

Changing the serpentine belt should be the cost of the belt and about fifteen or twenty dollars. Bring it to me and I’ll put it on for a six pack of beer.

Now the timing belt is another story. It usally involves pulling off the fan and shroud, maybe some pullied accessories and a two or three piece cover. But even then, $800 sounds way too steep. There might even be an easy way to inspect it without removing anything more than part of the cover. By mileage, no belt needed. By age,…maybe.

$200 for fluid changes isn’t bad but ONLY if they are going to flush the entire systems.

I’d look around more if I were you.

The Solara is 1991 end of year Toyotathon purchase and has nearly 50,000 miles. I will check out w/ the garage that made the estimate as to whether or not it is the serpentine vs. timing belt. I will then take the car to a neighborhood mechanic and check it out w/ him.