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2004 Tundra Serpintine Belt

I recently had the serpentine belt replaced on my 2004 tundra 4.7 v8. Labor was 1.5 hours, which seemed high but I don’t know what is involved. Is this a reasonable time?

I’ve never done this motor, but on most motors access requires taking other things off, and that all costs in time. I’m sure they’re using the “standard” for the job, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

On some vehicles it also may require that a motor mount be unbolted and the engine raised a bit.

It’s a cake walk most shops charge around 1 hour. 1.5 is a bit high in my opinion. It is done easiest by taking off the skid plate and taking it out the bottom.

Sounds high to me. Here is a description.

1.5 hours? It seems a bit high (although not completely unreasonable) unless they had to replace the belt tensioner too. In which case you got a bargain.

Another idea for the somewhat higher than expected charge, it may be they did something else, maybe some diagnostics were needed before the replacement. Were you having a squealing noise and asked them to check what the cause was? Or did you simply ask them to replace the belt?

If it was a squealing noise is how all this started, might be worth your time to check to see if there is a Toyota customer interest program for that problem involving your vehicle.