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Sepentine belt

I want to bypass the A/C, on my 99 chevy suburban k1500, does anyone know what the belt number is? Or how to go about doing it? I have looked at the diagram, under the hood and have not had any luck. The alternator amps are 105. Thank you.

Have you looked into getting a Dorman AC Bypass pulley. Something like this.

Ed B.

This is really a ‘look to see’ situation.
Many times you can’t do that, without a compressor replacement idler because the new routing path of the belt may not tension right and might spin something backwards.
The part number for the belt without a/c may also be wrong because of o/e routing when built without.

If you can see that a belt would drive ok, take a tape measure all the way around the pulley route the new belt will take and tell the parts house your measurement.
Belt part numbers have the length built in.

Thank you. I will give that a try.

One caution I would ad is that removing a pulley from the serpentine belt’s routing affects the amount of wrap around its adjacent pulleys. Idler pulleys are designed in to ensure the proper amount of wrap for proper traction. Should you decide to bypass the AC compressor, I recommend that you consider Ed’s idea of relpacing it with an additional idler pulley.

I’m curious, why are you considering this? Are you aware that by simply unplugging the compressor clutch plug from the compressor you disengage the pulley from the compressor (disable the clutch actually) and render the pulley freewheeling?

I want to bypass the a/c, because it was making some noise. I don’t use, the a/c and I don’t want to get it fixed. If I can get away with bypassing it, I would. It sounds like there is alot of work (I don’t mind that) or trial and error. I figured it would be a simple fix, but it looks like it might be as easy as it seems. Thank you for all the info. I will just let it sit, for awhile, and try and figure out what I want to do. Thanks again.