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Serpentine Belt Routing and AC Pulley Clutch Wear

About 4 months ago I had the serpentine belt replaced on my vehicle. Recently I noticed that the clutch on the AC Compressor is going bad. On further investigation I noticed that the serpentine belt is not routed properly for an AC equipped vehicle. Basically, belt is routed straight instead of over another pulley. This mistake changes the ‘belt wrap or belt contact’ on the AC pulley.

My question: Could this mistake cause excessive strain on the AC pulley and cause accelerated wear of the AC Compressor clutch?

Belt routing with AC:


Belt routing without AC:


Show us which pulley is the tensioner and which is the AC. Show us how the belt is actually installed.

Yes, is good puzzle. First part of puzzle: is it a Bentley? Does it have an engine size? Was it made in a particular year?

Based on the schematics, it looks like if anything the belt would have less tension on the A/C clutch with the improper routing. The belt was not wrapped around the A/C pulley, instead just rubbing next to it. Is that correct. Frankly I don’t see how the proper belt even fit with that routing, usually the idler doesn’t have enough movement for that to happen. Nevertheless, I can’t believe it caused your AC clutch to wear out, unless it was wrapped so tight because it was improperly routed at another pulley.

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and no.its a roller bearing,(does not care where load is placed) ,so long as its not a lateral load.

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