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Bypassing a/c compressor

I have a 1993 Ford Aerostar 4.0 van. The compressor locked up and the serpentine belt broke. Can I just remove the compressor and put a serpentine belt made for use without a/c? Or, will I need to put a bypass pulley on the compressor and use a belt for a/c? I think I can do the first but this shade tree do it yourselfer needs an expert to put me at ease before tearing into the job. As always, your help is welcomed and especially appreciated. Thanks

First call the parts store and see if they sell a belt for an Aerostar without A/C. If they do then just install that belt. If they don’t, it means all Aerostars came with A/C, and an idler pulley will have to be installed in place of the compressor.


Thanks for your reply tester. They sell both belts, but what I am wondering is if I need to take off the compressor before I use the belt without a/c? My guess is it would be best and probably necessary. Anyone know for sure?

Can you tell by looking at the path the belt would have to follow? If the compressor’s not in the way, leave it on.

Sometimes, the non a/c belt won’t fit because of the positioning of the other components when factory built without. Not to worry, if the non a/c belt is the wrong size simply take a tape measure all the way around the path of the pulleys as you want the belt to go. Belt part numbers have the size built in. Tell the parts house your new size and away you go.

A by-pass pulley may already be available for your vehicle. I recently put one on a Ford because the A/C compressor/clutch seized and melted the belt. Call your auto parts dealer. The pulley is about $40.

The Bypass pulley by Dorman is about $26.00 plus shipping at