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Selling Longhorn PU Online?

We have decided to part with our 1970 Chevy Longhorn truck (“Brownie”). What’s a good way to do this online? Ebay, Craigslist – ?? Any suggestions would be helpful. Brownie must go to a good home. Thanks!

I personally like craigslist, although it does depend on how heavilly read your local version is. It works pretty much like a newspaper classified, except it’s free, you have unlimited space and you can have pictures. For the best responses put as many good pictures as you can.

I don’t like eBay as much because you get a lot more scammers and if someone’s going to buy your truck sight unseen they’re probably not going to give you as much money for it. I’ve bought one car that was listed on eBay and I did so by e-mailing the seller and telling them to call me if it didn’t sell. It didn’t and they called me and we had traditional used-car transaction with me going out and inspecting it and thinking about it and actually talking about a price face to face.

I think of eBay as a place to sell your truck if it’s in excellent, near flawless condition. And I don’t mean excellent for a 38 year old truck but just plain outstanding. You can take advantage of the nationwide coverage by contacting folks who would travel to wherever you are to pick it up or pay to have it transported.

Do you have local newspapers? I don’t mean the daily news, but a weekly that carrys classified ads. They are a lot less expensive than the daily news is. What about auto advertizing magazines? I don’t mean the expensive ones lik Hemmings, but you might find these at the local grocery store or barber shop. If the truck is cherry, you might consider the more widely read magazines like Hemmings.