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99 Tahoe w Jasper engine

I am new to forum and not a car guy.
I bought a 99 Tahoe w 182k original miles w Jasper engine.
Can anyone give me some advice on where/how I could sell?
Was for kid at college, turns out scooter is al he needs.

End of driveway with a FOR SALE sign.

These vehicles are apparently a glut on the market, because there are two people currently posting in this forum who are both trying to sell a vehicle of that description.


Put it on Craigslist for cash only. That’s where I’d start. Maybe list in in your local newspaper classifieds.

Craigslist and facebook is where I go to buy sell items. I personally have had more luck in craigslist but should use both to reach the most potential buyers. Be aware of scammers. There are tons of them out there. Deal in cash only! No cash no deal!

Also don’t hold it for some schmuck that is waiting for payday or whatever excuse they have. If you have a serious cash buyer sell it to whomever shows up with cash first. From the buyers side, if you tell me I am next in line, I don’t quit looking. I have on more than one occasion had a seller call me and tell me that the first buyer they were waiting on fell through and it was mine if I wanted it. Too bad for them, I already moved on and purchased what I was looking for.

Make sure you complete a bill of sale for your records. If the buyer robs a bank using your truck and they have not registered it in their name yet, the cops come to your house with guns blazing. I know it sounds extreme but you never know. Typically a hit and run would be more likely. You need something to show them who you sold it to and when. Make sure you write down their ID# for verification purposes. I personally started keeping my license plates (this is state by state) to force the buyer to go get the vehicle in their name and out of mine.

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Used car lots buy used cars. You should have no trouble selling it to a used car lot if its in good condition. You’d save considerable time that way, but wouldn’t get quite as good of a price probably, compared to selling it yourself on Craigslist or newspaper ad. If you feel lucky, just park it on the street with a For Sale sign in the back window.