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Alternatives to Craigslist and

Looking to get inputs where one can advertise car for private party sale.

Previously, I would advertise on Craigslist and and would get it sold in 1-2 weeks, but when I needed to sell my wife’s car last year, I did not get a single hit from, sold it to the guy who found it on Craigslist.

What online resources are more popular nowadays?

I had the same question when looking for a truck. More specifically, I wanted a place to look for private party vehicles for sale. I found my truck on Craigslist. I was skeptical, as Craigslist has gotten pretty shady. But the guy lived in a nice neighborhood and you could tell he wasn’t a thug, so it worked out well. I’m not on Facebook, but isn’t there some sort of “for sale” section on there that’s pretty popular?

I’ve sold several vehicles on Craigslist myself. Usually the scams are so see through and the people who aren’t serious buyers can be weeded out on the phone. But a private monetary transaction with some random person off the Internet is always a little unnerving.

Thanks for support :slight_smile:
I use Craigslist regularly, and I do agree that with some precautions it works great.

I sold a motorcycle on eBay, and sold some accessories separately. It’s pretty easy. They charge a percentage of the sale, but selling on eBay means I can take credit card or PayPal payment, not just cash.

I sold my first motorcycle on Craig’s List, but my second motorcycle didn’t get any attention there, so I resorted to eBay. It probably helped that I lived in a larger metropolitan area when I sold the first one.

When I’m finally done with my ‘98 Civic, I plan to list it on eBay as an auction starting the bidding at $500 (if it is still running when I sell it). I’m thinking I might list it next June.