Seeling car online

Selling my 2006 Pathfinder.

I used to advertise on and craigslist before, both used to have free adverts for individual sellers.

Craigslist charges $5 nowadays apparently… ok, not a biggie… is not accepting any individual listings anymore?

Any suggestions about other resources to use for listing?

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How about AutoTrader? Or Facebook Marketplace?

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Autotrader is $49 for 30 days, ugh…

Social is a good idea, actually, thanks!
Reminded me of too.

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Keep in mind the cost gets you access to a wider audience. $50 up front might net you $200 more cash at the sale.

That’s true, but even when it was no vehicle shortage, I used to sell in 1-2 weeks maximum.
I will keep the “heavy artillery” for later, I’m not really in rush to sell.

I’ve got quite a complicated Chinese firedrill with cars recently: kid taking over my wife’s old Prius, so she drove Pathfinder to find out it’s not exactly a fuel sipper, not to mention it’s slightly bigger, so she’s got 2022 Civic and now I have to get rid of my brick on the wheels :slight_smile:


I’ve not used it myself…but you might try Carvana or Carmax. I’ve read a lot of good things about both services, and I suspect they’ll buy your car outright.

You might even take it to a local car dealer. With the crazy car market right now, it might surprise you how much they’d offer for it.

Either route would spare you from the weird craziness of trying to sell online.

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Carvana and Carmax will buy the car… for wholesale price. Quite a bit less that a private sale. But it is quick and totally hassle free.


Good to know. I won’t be using anymore.

They’re not the company they used to be when they sponsored the now-retired Car Talk radio show.

Have you considered a classified add in your local newspaper?

Read by very few people interested in buying cars. And the adds are expensive. I have not advertised a car for sale in a newspaper for 30 years.

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Just go with Craigslist and/or Facebook Marketplace. Craigslist is, of course, better because anyone can look at listings and contact the seller if interested. I do not use Facebook, Instagram, or any of those other “social networking” websites.

so far facebook has a substantial lead: 4 replies versus zero interest over NextDoor or CraigsList

A lot has changed in 30 years, including that some local newspapers have online marketplaces.

Do they charge for access to these marketplaces? Do the accept private adds? Do they charge to advertise?

My local newspaper just directs searchers to Bestride which, from what I can see, doesn’t accept private adds. The newspaper’s own classifieds will accept adds but it is $96 for 3 lines with no pictures for 20 days. Not such a great deal.

Since local newspapers are not a monolith, I cannot say. The one where I last purchased an ad had print-only, online-only, and combo deals.

you could always go back to the good old days with a for sale sign on the car and park it in a mall or supermarket parking lot. its free and will get a lot of local eyes on it.

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And some of those eyes will be watching a tow truck haul your vehicle off because very fee places allow for sale vehicles.

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I see it all the time here on long island… I guess it all depends on where you live. it was just a thought.

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i ran an ad for a few months on craigs. it was miserable, just a sea of lowballers and scam artists.

due to the low mileage and excellent condition, one of the big three buyers (carvana, carmax, autonation) offered me about the same as my advert. the other two were a lot lower.

pretty cool, nice big check from a dealership, iced tea, aircon in the lobby while waiting for the inspection to complete.

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Toyota dealer was offering 2k over blue book for 2017 rav4, a year ago April we bought out the lease at 17,900, KBB trade in value 23k. Planning on keeping the car at least another 7 years, Could consider a beater as it is an in town car for the most part, but don’t want to deal with the hassle.