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Selling a 1967 Mercedes

Hi there! I have just been given the task of selling my mother’s 1967 Mercedes sedan. It’s in pretty good shape. I have no idea what the best forum for selling it is and how to determine a price. I live in a cosmopolitan town of 60,000 (Santa Fe, NM).

My ideas for selling it include classified ads and Ebay.

Any great ideas? -it’s free and popular. I haven’t paid for a classified ad in years.

List it on (free listing) after checking for pricing. I friend of mine recently sold her SUV on craigslist after one day in spite of their waning popularity.

Make sure you stress the NM dry environment (no rust). A 1967 Mercedes in Michigan, for instance, would be a rust heap by now!

If the maintenance records are available, I would emphasize that too. Anyone buying a car this age will want to know a lot about its history. If it’s a one owner vehicle, that’s worth mentionig as well.

Go To:

they give antique car prices/values. classic car tab also.

A risk-free way to get a rough idea what it’s worth is to list it on Ebay, with a low opening bid and a high reserve. It won’t sell, and the last bid will give you a starting point when setting your for sale price. It’ll be a bit low, since you’re a seller without a history (I assume), but it’s a starting point. You can also look at ‘completed items’ on Ebay to see what similar cars sell for, but there may be few '67 MBs. The market is getting soft right now, so you may be disappointed…

I just checked the Ebay sold items - looks like '67 MB sedans are getting max bids of $1000-$2500. Which model is yours?

Give us some information on it. What model, what engine, how many miles, and what is the condition? All that goes into what someone is willing to pay. A car this old isn’t going to be accurately priced in most of the common guides. The two mentioned (NADA classic and Manheimgold) are good starts. You might also try