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Ever buy or sell a car through Ebay?

Has anyone here ever bought or sold a car via Ebay? How was the experience?

I’ve watched a lot of Ebay auctions of older cars (1940-1980) and most don’t seem to meet the reserve. I’m assuming these cars haven’t sold. I’m looking to buy and older car (like a 1960s-70s Caddy or Chrysler/Imperial) and am wondering if Ebay is a viable place to find what I want. They have more listings than Hemmings. But if I can’t close the deal, then it’s not worth the effort.

Any insight anyone?



I have purchased three cars on E-bay with no problems. Many sellers today think their junk is gold plated and ask unrealistic prices. They see these cars on Barret Jackson TV auctions and they think their 1968 Slant 6 Duster is worth $60 grand!

Dealers usually price realistically and smart sellers start the bidding at $1 with no reserve and let the market decide on what it’s worth. These cars all SELL. During the last 10 minutes of the auction, that’s the only time period that counts, savvy sellers will use a shill to salvage a bad auction and stop someone from stealing the car if necessary. Check your sellers feedback and make sure they have a decent record as SELLERS. Don’t be afraid to contact sellers and ask questions.

My brother-in-law just bought a '42 Mercury sedan on E-bay for $2000. He had it running in an hour…I think he paid too much, he LOVES it, a nasty old rust-bucket…

About 6 years ago I bought a '64 LeSabre that was listed on eBay. I sent the guy a message that said “hey, if it doesn’t sell can I come look at it?”. Then we just met and did a regular old private party transaction as if I’d found it in the newspaper or something.

I guess that sort of arrangement is against the terms of use and all, but I frankly would not want to be in competitive bidding for something sight unseen.

I used ebay to sell my Chevelle, but it wasn’t at auction. Had a guy email me on ebay and we went back and forth on price and agreed to an amount we both thought fair and he came from Oklahoma to pick it up. In Ohio. In January.