Trying to sell a classic car

I am desparately trying to sell a 1965 plymouth valiant in great condition. What is the best way to advertise this item to the interested community?

Hemmings Motor News is the best place, bar none.

Tell us more about it (options, #doors, miles, color, etc). Besides Hemmings, you can go with Ebay, Craigslist, and Dart/Valiant web sites.

I would not call this car a classic. It is an old car, but ‘classic’ is reserved for the ultimate cars of an era; the Valiant is not one of them. It’s an excellent car. My best friend’s family had two Darts of that era. They ran well and the children (my age) were happy to have them. This does not mean there are no followers of the Valiant, but I think a Corvette or Imperial of that period is classic. I mention this so that you can more accurately gauge the value of the car.

I think cars like this that are, like jt says, old but not necessarily “classic” in any sense are usually bought as impulse purchases to a certain extent-- it’s not like someone is going to be desperately seeking a 1965 Valiant, but someone who just likes to tinker with old cars might want it but won’t be specifically seeking it out. This kind of person can probably best be reached through craigslist or maybe the little deals-on-wheels paper things or, perhaps most importantly, just parking the thing somewhere busy with a for sale sign on it.

Ebay, craigslist, Hemmings. Car show with a for sale sign in the window

It’s a 4 door sedan with 32,000 miles. It has been repainted to a sky blue. The interior upholstery has been restored and is red and white and in like new condition. It has a 225 ci 6 cylinder engine and automatic transmission and runs very well. It has a new Pioneer am/fm radio and CD player with rear deck speakers. I have an appraisel from last year for way more than i would expect to sell it for. It has a Massachusetts inspection sticker good 'til next June. I just no longer have the time to enjoy it and tinker with it.

How much have you been asking??

Right now, i am hoping to get $3,000, but that is very negotiable.

That’s not a bad place to start. I was worried you were expecting big money. Check Hemmings for what similar ones are going for (asking price, at least). You might find someone who had one growing up, and would like a clean example like yours. Good luck!

If you have not tried craigslist, do it! It’s free and effective. Be sure to include a couple of pictures.

but I think a Corvette or Imperial of that period is classic.

I am not trying to nit-pick but these 2 cars or any other from that era are not considered classic. While the term classic is relative to whom is speaking, including myself, most vehicles should be considered “collectible”. True classics are made in limited numbers, a certain model from a small span of years and no younger than xx in years.

Example, Studebaker
1928 8, FA & FB President, 1929 - 1933
President except Model 82

All left hand drive models 48 from 1914
and all model 90,
1927 - 1929 Model 8-80
1929 Model 8-88

This info is from CCCA Classic Car Club of America which is considered the authority for classic cars.
Again, I am not nit-picking but am simply throwing this out for info.