Seized door latch

On several occasions in cold or snowy road conditions the side doors and hatch back door on my 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe LTD seized shut after driving the car for 30 minutes. The remote opener “unlocked” them, the inside lock tab was in “open” position, the outside handle moved, but the doors would not open. Frozen shut? The dealer suggested I warm the handle with a hairdryer. Luckily no one was stuck inside when the doors would not open.

Any suggestions to make sure the locks don’t seize?

Thank you.

Treat the door rubbers with silicone. I prefer a silicone paste that is applied with a rag,soory I can’t remember the product name.

I don’t think this is a lock siezing issue, I think you have it right when you made the “frozen shut” call. We are getting out of winter (I am in Tucson) so your need due to cold may go away but it is still a very good idea to treat your door rubbers with silicone. Wait till you have to replace one and see the cost. Now that I see your SUV is a 2008 ask the Dealer (is that more trouble than its worth) to treat your door rubbers.

Good tip. I will try the silicone paste.