Greetings - I have a question that I hope there is an easy solution to. OK, I’m revealing myself, but I have a mini-van that I absolutely LOVE. Unfortunately, the doors often freeze-shut when the temps drop (I live in Chicago so often we can’t get in the car during the winter). Ideas??? It drives me CRAZY… Is there any grease or something simple to put on the rubber surrounding the doors (you can tell the extent of my car knowledge…)? Thanks!

Good idea! You can get a silicone spray at an auto parts store for the door seals. Try it and let us know, ok?

Someone once recommended PAM cooking spray for you problem. Try it if the silicone doesn’t work out.

I use dielectric silicone grease. It makes the doors stick a bit to the rubber (I might have put too much on) but they sure as hell don’t freeze. It’s also very cheap - look in your local auto parts store’s tuneup section.

Keep the snow off of the roof if you don’t already. It melts and then refreezes in the door seals in some cars.

When I lived up North and occasionally had this problem I would deal with it using a teakettle of hot water.

If you use spray wax and silicone grease on the seals, it will help. The dealer wants it done every three to six thousand miles.