Frozen doors

For some reason my doors on my driver side freeze shut anytime it gets cold and we get rain/snow. What can I do to unfreeze them? The locks don’t freeze as I can unlock the doors, they are just frozen shut and can not be opened without power spraying them it seems.

Pouring warm water over the door edge should thaw them enough to let them open.

Wiping the door seals with silicone will help prevent freezing.

Give the latch mechanism a spray of WD40 after every car wash & wipe the door seals with a rag sprayed with it also. Should keep them from freezing up.

WD-40 might help with the latch mechanism, and when (not if) it starts to gum up you can clean it up, but I would recommend a different lubricant. WD-40 is a water displacement, not a lubricant. It is a very good water displacement.

Joe is correct. WD 40 will gum up. I suggest PB Blast.

Wax the door opening frames (body side)where the door weatherstrips meet the them. Next spray some silicon on the weatherstrips on the body side and the door side. You may also try wiping them with vaseline just enough to lube them. Do not glob it on or you might ruin your clothes.

Be careful about pouring warm water and spilling onto a cold glass. It may crack.

Spray silicone on a rag, not directly on the door and wipe all the rubber seals. Usually only has to be done once a winter. Next year do it on a nice late fall day.