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08 Honday Odyssey Door Freezes in SC?

My rear (not power) driver’s side door gets stuck some mornings. Not like it is the frozen tundra here in SC, but it seems like it is frozen shut. I can’t even open it from the inside. Usually if I just tug on it for a while, it will eventually unstick, but this is hard, as I have two small kids and it is hard to ge the baby in the carseat from the opposite side.

Car is 1 year old, with about 10,000 miles

Get some silicone lubricant. You can find this in a spray can at auto parts and probably many hardware stores. Spray some on a rag and wipe down all of the rubber weatherstripping on the doors and the door frame with the silicone. That should keep it from freezing up. Do that every 6 mos or so whether cold or not and it will help the moldings last longer and keep the stuff from sticking.