Seen the new Z-28?

What do you think? Looks like a good deal for a track ready racer. I’m not sure id want it for the street, but some of you guys might. The $75,000 price tag is steep and out of my range, but it’s fun to look at anyway.

My wife would shoot me if I bought a vehicle like this…especially without AC. I would probably help her load the gun after I realized my mistake.

I’ll be interested to see how Camaro and Mustang sales compare once the new Mustang comes out. It looks to be quite an improvement.

$75,000 to drive while looking out if a cave. Mustangs have nothing to fear.

You can get a new Corvette Z51 for the same money or less.

This car has as much business being driven on the street as did the Ford Thunderbolts and the Chrysler Super Stocks of the early '60s. You can do it, because they carry a VIN, but that doesn’t mean you should. I think GM is being very upfront about the true nature of these meant for race track duty cars. Like the cars I mentioned earlier, they’re stripped down and amenity free. Although Autoweek’s article says A/C IS an option, I think you’d be an idiot to order it. The only reason they even have the one speaker audio system is because federal regulations require the speaker’s presence for audible warnings.

If I win the lottery, I’m getting me one of these.

federal regulations require the speaker's presence for audible warnings.

@dagosa, the Mustang is a different rock formation, but both are caves. And I wouldn’t compare this to any Mustang but the Shelby GT 500. And I hope one of the auto mags does a face off. That’ll be fun.

@keith: stuff like seatbelt warning chimes, probably TPMS warnings require a audible warning…hence a speaker.

Have ridden a lot in friends Mustang and tried out a Camaro. The Mustang is a virtual greenhouse compared to the Camaro. The only worst one I’ve seem is an FJ. Not just my opinion either. I have yet to read a comparison review where out ward visability was mentioned as a big difference between these two cars. If you can’t see well out of one blasting down the interstate in a crowd, why bother looking cool. Besides, when you move to $75k, why bother ? You are starting to encroach into Vette territory…

I think I could find a lot nicer car for my 75K, track-ready or not.

I came close to buying a Mustang (current body style), and I found the visibility just fine. In an interview, the Ford stylists said visibility was a priority for the 2015. We’ll see.

I’ve always like the 60’s style Camaro/Firbird over the Mustang. But I like the new style Mustang over the new style Camaro. IMHO - Ford did a better job in creating the retro look. I personally think the new Mustang is one of the best looking vehicles on the road today.

Z28 has NA 427, 505 HP. The zl1 is 550hp?


The Ariel Atom comes to mind

I have come close several times to buying a Mustang. The problem is, getting over the fact it will have to be a third car as it doesn’t have 4wd and 8 inches of ground clearance. Then I climb out of the driver’s seat in the show room even though the salesman insists I take one for a drive. “take it home and take your wife for a spin” he says. Then I ask him, " do you have a Sikorsky helicopter ? Cause that’s the only way I can get it to my driveway."
So close, only till reality sets in.

@dagosa, since the Z-28 is track ready, cost is less an issue that what class the team wants to race in.

Sounds like the Z-28 will be bought by a few racers, with the rest put away by collectors…

I think you guys are missing the whole reason for these cars. GM knows few will buy their $75K Camaro. But lots of people will buy their basic Camaro and pretend they’re driving the $75K Camaro. Some will even buy the aero body parts and make their basic Camaros look like the muscle car.

In short, the point of the $75K Camaro is to sell a lot more $23K Camaros.

Nice car, but I still think the 1970 Z28 Camaros and their blood brothers, the Trans Ams, were some of the best looking cars that ever hit the pavement. That Trans Am was a brutal looking macho-machine. Perhaps having been a young car owner back then a memory or two taints my thinking.

Back in the mid 70s a cousin of mine and her Air Force husband bought a brand new red on red, 1974 Trans Am Super Duty 455 before being sent to Elmendorf, AFB.
That was one beautiful, and fast, car although I was never too keen on the Screaming Chicken hood decal that was applied to the TAs.