2012 Camaro LS1 convertible or 2012 Mustang Premium V6 convertible? Any experience with either one?

Visited the Chevy dealer today to look at a 2012 Camaro LS convertible. I have a 2010 Mustang with the small V6 and have loved this car. The hype is all about the Camaro, so I went to drive it but the dealership was closed. I’ll go back Monday. I have priced the car (RS without leather) and the Mustang (with leather) and both are at the same price. The Mustang has the 3.7 L engine. I kind of want to try the Camaro since I own a Mustang and am leaning toward the Camaro because it is closer to me (Mustang I like is six hours away) and a new experience. I think the Camaro is beautiful outside but not so much inside. The Mustang is beautiful inside and out to me, but it’s not the rage right now?? This car would be a weekend car for me – something to enjoy on beautiful days. If you have had experience with these models (2011 or 2012), please feel free to share your thoughts. I am not necessarily an ALL Ford or ALL Chevy person - just looking to enjoy a fun car and beautiful driver. Thanks!
P.S. The Mustang has SYNC – talk with phone through the radio. Does the Camaro LS1 have this, also?

I struggle with " have loved" 2010 Mustang and am considering a Camaro because it’s closer ? The car will be easier to buy, but has potential by your comments, to be harder to live with. Friend with Mustang thinks they are the best ( don’t most owners) In this case I agree.

you have a 2 year old Mustang and want to get rid of it already? Why?
Also, a V6 Mustang being compared to a V8 Slowmaro? Talk about an apples and asparagus comparison.

The LS Camaros have a 323 HP V-6, pretty comparable to the 3.7 in the new Mustangs, if you’re talking about the 300+HP one. The Camaro is considerably heavier, though. The SS Camaros have the V-8.

The Camaro convertible is available in LT or SS trim. Only the coupe comes in LS trim. If you are referring to the engine, the V8 is the LS3, not LS1. Since you are comparing the Mustang with the 3.7L, I will guess that you are looking at the LT, not the SS. Drive them both and decide which one you like best. The long drive to the Ford dealer is only to buy it. I’m sure that there is a Ford dealer much closer if you need warranty work.

Yes, I knew I had something incorrect. It’s the LT trim on the convertible Camaro.

You also have a post in that makes it look like you’re considering a Challenger as well. I added some comments on that post, but I would say drive all three and pick the one you like the most.

Despite having more horsepower, the Camaro lost the 1/4 mile to the Mustang (6-cyl models). You should drive them and decide which one you like best.