2010 Camaro

The 2010 Camaro is being shipped now, first to the West coast. There were 11,000 sold before they were built. I have never been a Camaro fan but this car is HOT. Even with the V6 it has about 330 HP at the wheels. From a styling standpoint how do you like it compared to the Mustang & Charger? They all look too cool but I vote for the Camaro. WHAT DO YOU SAY?

I would prefer a Mustang.
If you know of anyone giving them away, please let me know.

I’m a die-hard Mopar fan but the Charger, to me anyway, is basically a fleet car. Give me the Challenger in Hemi Orange.
Haven’t got to see a real 2010 yet but based on the pics I still prefer the Mustang.

Of course, if the rumblings about a supercharged 427 in the Camaro turn out to be true I would probably be drooling all over it.
Nothing wrong with the V-6; my preference is cubic inches, and a lot of them.

For some reason, the new Camaro doesn’t capture the classic styling as Ford did with the Mustang and Chrysler did with the Challenger. It’s like the stylists at GM paid no attention as to what made this car a classic.


Actually I meant the Challenger, the two door, but I got my Chrysler’s crossthreaded. I have heard the Z might be put off some time or made in limited numbers because it might make GM look bad introducing a hyper gas guzzler in these times.

Whatever floats your boat! I loved the '55 to '57 T’birds. So, I ended up with an '04 T’bird. Not exactly the original, but the retro bird is perfect every time I look at it.

Whatever others think is NOT the issue. Can you afford a toy, that makes you feel good? If yes, then the new Camaro is your car. It sounds like you are hooked already. Go for a V8, you’re probably not going to put many miles on it anyway. Make those few miles as fun as possible. Nothing like a V8 when you put the petal to the metal.

330 HP at the wheels? What are you smoking? The V6 has 304 HP at the crank, which assuming a typical 15% driveline loss is equal to about 258 RWHP. The SS versions with the V8s have about 380 RWHP though.

Even with 425 HP the SS models are less than a half second faster 0-60 than a 2010 Mustang. The Mustang has 315 HP. The problem with the Camaro and especially the Challenger is that they are pigs. The Challenger is about 500 pounds heavier and the Camaro is about 300-350 pounds heavier as well.

I think the Mustang looks the best. Rumor is that the 5.0L DOHC and the new 6.2L Boss engines are coming soon (2011) for the Mustang. The 5.0L cammer has been in the Ford Racing catalog for a few years now. Depending on exhaust and tuning it’s good for 375-400 HP. The 6.2L will appear in the upcoming F-150 Raptor shortly, and is good for well over 400 HP. I expect the 3.5L V6 will replace the 4.0L in the base model, a twin-turbo “Ecoboost” variant is in the works as well, possibly for a modern SVO Mustang.

You are correct, it is 303 HP.

What is the sales history for retread muscle cars? The Camaro hasn’t been gone long enough for a re-introduced version to be called a retread or has it?

Does anyone know what letter the body platform gets? Me being a pickup truck guy I really don’t have a call on the styling. I really liked the previous F-body Camaros though.

My understanding is that the new Camaro, even with a blown big block, will still be a near 30 MPG car.

Jay Leno was on television recently with one of his Corvettes (500 inches plus and blown to boot) and he stated that monster gets 28 MPG consistently.

Electronic engine controls and high technology has really boosted fuel economy on muscle cars as compared to the old days.

I owned a 68 Roadrunner and a 69 SuperBee (both with 383 Magnums) and the gas gauge would scream for mercy if the throttle was even moderately hammered during in town driving.
Both would get 15-17 MPG on the open road, about 9 MPG in stop and go if driven on egg shells, and if the foot was applied a bit too aggressively they would get about 6 MPG.

My daughter has an '06 Mustang and it’s not only a slick looking car, it’s also a great driver and reliable. The only downside (at least in my opinion) is that some of the interior work is a bit chintzy.


Sat in it, felt unimpressed, same with the new Challenger. Didn’t get a picture of either the Challenger or '10 Mustang, but they do look pretty cool though.

Interesting, at least it is right wheel drive. I wonder if the IRS will stand up to drag racing with modified engines (or laughing gas) installed.

I am not impressed with the new Camaro. Give me a second generation Camaro any day.

I don’t think it’ll be a problem, there are plenty of 600+ HP Cobra Mustangs, 700+ HP Vettes and 1000+ HP Vipers that have IRS and don’t have any problems

$22,000 for a 300HP Camaro? That’s a terrific price. It’s clearly not a knock-off of an older generation car, but I like the looks. I’m sure it is as quick as many old V8 Camaros. It’s also 50% more powerful that the 2010 Mustang. Just on looks, the Mustang is the winner. The Camaro is a great value, though.