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Seeking Something Sexy

Looking for 2004-06 vehicle, with amenities (leather, etc.). I like the Volvo V50, GMC Envoy XL, Chevy Tahoe Z71 (yeah, my ‘green’ friends will lift an eyebrow, but at 67, I don’t especially care anymore). I will only put on 5-6,000 miles a year. Suggestions appreciated.

How about an infiniti fx

Corvette convertibles are designed and built for your demographic.


I suppose sex appeal, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

I can’t recall ever hearing anyone refer to an Envoy or a Tahoe as “sexy,” even with the Z71 package.

Whatever floats your boat.

A budget would begin to help us give you suggestions

My ‘old’ car is a '95 Taurus Wagon - it doesn’t take much to get sexier than that (my first American car and has been surprisingly fun and durable). I want room, a little muscle, comfort. I like the Infiniti, thanks for the idea. I don’t want to spend more than, say, $16,000, but will push that a little. I have a '00 Tahoe in Mexico and I love to drive it. The Corvette is too much car for me. I don’t really want a sedan. Who makes wagons these days?

Midsize SUVs are today’s station wagons. Look at the 2006 Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Nissan Murano, and HUMMER H3. Hey, you said you didn’t care about gas mileage! They are all at or below $16,000. You could also get a 2006 Chevy Tahoe or Ford Expedition for $16,000.

I’m looking at the Envoy next week. Original owner (a woman), always garaged, has all service records, and it’s RED. What do you think?

Careful with older foreign cars they end up costing an arm in a leg when something brakes on them. I had an older montero and just the passenger seat visor cost well over $200 to fix because it was snapped they had to order a whole new one to replace it.

I would say check into a chevy equinox. Even a 2008 one looks sexy.

The Envoy is a sexy vehicle, I even Like the terrain but the chevy equinox wins when it comes to gas prices.

2010 Chevrolet Equinox is ranked #3 in Affordable Compact SUVs by US News & World Report. So imagine a used one that is either a 2010 or 2008, it would be much lower. Plus if your lucky it might even still have some of the warrenty left on it!! Also, check out 2006!!

check out this website it has 2 pages of pictures of the Equinox.

used prices range from: $14,490 - $20,268

I HAVE A NEW JEEP PATRIOT!! I love it! A 2010 one starts off with a base price of only $15,365. I am a boxy type person though so it all depends on your style.

Sorry, but if this vehicle, or any of the vehicles the OP mentioned, can be called “sexy,” I’m a vermicious knid. I had to stifle my urge to roll on the floor laughing at the idea of a sexy Volvo.

If you want sexy, here are some good ideas:

I had a Saab I thought adorable. My husband laughs, too. (vermicious knid - is that Monte Python speak? Get that man a shrub!)

It’s from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (and the books it was based on). Check out

I like the Equinox, but can’t find one in the area. I’ll keep looking. What I REALLY want is the new MBZ Gullwing. Now that’s sexy!

I think it’s anything but sexy. But it won’t cost you a lot to drive. I compared a 2006 Envoy XL to a 2006 4Runner. The maintenance and repairs over 5 years are estimated to be 85% of the 4Runner cost. The repairs are about 14% more for the Envoy, but the maintenance costs are the big savings. If you like it, you should get good service out of it.

“What I REALLY want is the new MBZ Gullwing. Now that’s sexy!”

Of course! So is everything else we can’t afford.

I saw the AMG gullwing. It is sexy. And the gullwing keeps the rain off your hair while you open your unbrella. But man, if you have to ask the price…

This is the last place to look for something sexy. :=(

For 16k you could get an 08 CX-7 sport or an 07 GT. The 07s are known to have some issues with them, since it’s a first year model, but many owners are reporting good things with them. Keep in mind though, that it’ll require high octane to fuel it

Drove the Envoy today. Yum!

THANKS TO ALL. I’ll probably make an offer on the Envoy. (but, boy, that gas mileage!)