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Found Something Sexy

Would like feedback to avoid making a big mistake. Yummy '05 Avalon Limited, 62,500 miles, a dream to drive. Car has history of being backed into (parking lot). Carfax says to have frame checked out. All else good. Asking price $16,950. This car versus '08 Taurus, nice car, kinda boring. Love your feedback, guys!

If you’re into bridge, bingo, high wasited white pants, and eating dinner at 4:00 in the afternoon, then I guess it could be “sexy”. I kid, I kid. The price is pretty fair for a private party sale assuming you get the car checked out by a mechanic of your choice and it passes.

Buy One That Hasn’t Been Wrecked.

If “Carfax says to have frame checked out” – keep looking and find a better one.


This is a perfect illustration of why I did not respond to your earlier thread where you asked for suggestions for “sexy” cars. What is sexy to one person can be like an anti-aphrodisiac to someone else. “Sexiness” is highly subjective.

If you consider an Avalon to be sexy, then more power to you. This car was designed to appeal to the “Buick crowd”–i.e.–those over 60 with no desire to drive at more than 45 mph or to ever take a corner a little bit fast. If I had responded in your earlier post, I would have recommended something like a Lamborghini Gallardo, but somehow I perceived that this would not float your boat. As I said, one person’s “sexy” is something completely different to someone else.

All kidding aside, these cars tend to be very good and reliable, but I question why you would be considering one that may need to have the frame straightened. Keep looking for an unflawed one. They are out there.

The price is at least $1000 to high if it’s a dealer, and $2500 too much if it’s a private sale. Would you put a Jimmy Choo Buckle Clutch or a Bottega Veneta Veneta Napa Hobo handbag in the road and burn it? That’s what we’re talkin’ about here. Cut the deal, buy the bag.

Now that I think of it, I think the same factor is at work at lets me find my 75 year old husband sexy. Must be something that kicks with older women, hummmmmm? Good thing for you guys. Yeah, you’re right. I’ll look for something that wasn’t damaged. Thanks for the feedback. (I really want the Mercedes gullwing!)

I got a value of about $15000 (private party) from kbb. and a value of about $17k for retail. If the OP is buying from a dealership, then the price isn’t out of line. If the car has been in an accident though, then yeah there would be significant room for negotiation.

OK, How about this one? '08 Ford Taurus, 30,000 miles(still some warranty left), sunroof, leather, good amenities. Silver. Was a rental for first 8 months, garaged by present owner. Does not curl my toes, but a nice car, practical, very clean. They are asking $14,600.

That’s a good price for the base car (2WD SEL) and a great price for any other. The usual options are heated outside mirrors, anti-theft system, and stability control. The leather seats and sunroof add almost $1000 to the value. If your mechanic finds up to $1000 of problems to correct, it is still a decent deal. This car should be on your short list if you like it.

that’s a lot of money for a bashed Avalon. Find one that has no crash damage.

Those are good cars. They are big, comfortable, reliable, and cheap. But I (and no other person I know) would consider a Ford Taurus sexy.

OK, made a deal on the Taurus. NOT sexy, but a very practical car and I will probably love it. Checked out with mechanic, Carfax, made a good deal ($14K). Thanks for helping me make a good decision. Elizabeth