"Security Certificate Error" when searching Car Talk Forums?

The other day I was trying to find a thread titled “92 Corolla HC emissions” and when I typed that into the Car Talk search box, sure enough the link appeared right on top. But when I clicked on that link, instead of the thread appearing, I got a message saying there’s a problem with the web site’s security certificate and a suggestion to not click on that link. Anybody else experiencing this problem?

@cdaquila … any ideas?

What day was that @GeorgeSanJose‌? It may have been before the server upgrade when many of us had problems.

It’s still happening today. For me at least.

Sure enough, it gave me the same thing. Apparently it’s trying to connect securely to that page, but I wouldn’t see why it would require a secure connection. Let’s ask.

Make sure your date and time are up to date

If you look at the URL for that link…it shows https: instead of http.

The s - stands for secure link. The question is how and why the s was added to the url?

If you remove the s you’ll get a Page Not found error. I’m still on my work computer so I don’t want to add the certificate to this computer. Most of the time it’s safe to click on “I understand the Risk”. But I’m wonder what happened here. This should be looked into.

@MikeInNH‌, I noticed the same thing. No other pages begin with https. I wrote support about it last night - hopefully they’ll get back to me.