Garbled Display

fyi to the Car Talk IT gurus

I noticed recently a garbled display gremlin has gotten into the Car Talk website; for example when I click on the grey box at the upper left; e.g. “Site Display” , “General Discussion”, etc, Garbled. Does everyone else see what I mean? If no, maybe it is just my software config, I can post a jpg if needed.

Here’s what I see:

The way it appears on my computer, “all categories” is overwritten by “maintenance repair”. Only happened within the past couple of weeks.

it’s all good for me, ???


try zooming in or out. This is a common type of problem, I see it on many different sites, and zooming will always “fix” it.

It only started happening recently. Haven’t changed the zoom.

I noticed today this problem seems to be fixed. Many thanks to the Car Talk IT staff :slight_smile:

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