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Weird New Sign-on Pages?

Started to notice this just today, 3.8.2017. Is anyone else seeing the weird sign on pages? A list of advertisements have to be clicked through before you can sign on ,etc etc. What’s up with all that? If the objective is to get the participants here to buy those products, seems sort of unlikely … :wink:

See this thread from last night:


Thanks @bravesfan314 … I re-posted over there.

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Are you signing-on every time that you visit this site?
I can stay signed-in for months (if not years), simply by never signing-out.

On my phone, there was a choice below those - “go directly to site” or something like that. On my computer this morning, I just clicked on “community” and presto, here I am.

I am having the same problem getting to the community forum. I used to be able to get to it by clicking on the Car Talk Icon in the upper left corner if all else failed.

Now when I click on Car Talk in my bookmarks bar I just get boxes of the car Talk newspaper columns and it is not possible to scroll past them and clicking the car talk icon no longer deletes them.

Finally, tonight I discovered that I can get to the menu that contains community by clicking on the 3 horizontal bars at the top right of the page.

I wonder how many people just give up and go elsewhere?

Hi @oldtimer_11. Is in your bookmarks? Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with that first page. To make sure I understand: are you unable to click through at all when you go to your bookmark page? Or is the layout just very confusing?

I get that sometimes, too.

Another problem I have is that I’ll be logged in and then get kicked out. I have to log in again. On my slow connection that can take me a while and some frustration.

Anybody else having to re-log-in?

Maybe once every couple of months…
What I do find a bit strange is the “green screen” that I sometime get when entering the site.
Then, the green screen is replaced by a photo of a BMW convertible and some ads, with a button to “continue to site”. Luckily, that button does immediately take me to the “community”.

Rarely. The main Car Talk page however is a little annoying. From that to get here, I click Community, but it doesn’t go to community. Instead it displays a bunch of irrelevant links with “Interesting Topics” at the top of the page, photos of cars, then I have to click “continue to site” or something like that. Still it doesn’t go to community. I have to do that several times before I eventually get to the community sign in pages.

Not a big problem, Car Talk has to make some income from all this, can’t provide the service for free, so it want’s the users to view some advertisements in return for the service. I can see that, but for new users it might turn a lot of them away before they ever find the community forums. Folks using the internet these days will put up with some advertisements off to the side or at the bottom of the page, even a pop up. they don’t take kindly to their surfing obstructed and blocked like that, and often after a few seconds of being annoyed they’ll just surf elsewhere.

I have no idea what that is or why I would want one.

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I didn’t see this update and haven’t had to log in recently. All I can say is the same thing I told the Acura dealer last time-quit making improvements.

Not facebook again. I still haven’t joined. I fear that with their partnership with NPR, they’ll link to the BBC like NPR did and everyone will have a British accent and won’t understand a word.

Every now and then I will encounter the splash page, 1 click to come here, life goes on :runner:

I only have to sign on with my PC following a power outage.

I don’t know if it’s related to Car Talk or MSN but this week about half the time when I click the back arrow from a post to return to the forum list of posts I am returned to my MSN home page. If I click the forward arrow I am returned to the Car Talk forum list of posts. Weird.