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Secondary Air Valve (diverter valve/air bypass valve) PO411

My 1997 Ford Taurus GL has failed inspection because of check engine light and code read out PO411; the emissions system was set up for the California state emissions, and the part I need I cannot seem to track down, I’m in New Jersey. It’s a secondary air valve/diverter valve, one is stuck open and one is stuck shut. I’ve been to junk yards, and have not found anything yet since this car was set up for Cali emissions. I’m coming to my wits end trying to get this part, the garage wants over $500 to repair it, but I want to find the part (secondary air valve) myself, and do the repairs. Any suggestions on how to get this part ASAP, and at not much cost?

Ford P0411 code

Ok this is a mustang V6…not one of those vehicles above, i pulled the plastic air intake ducts outr/frt. (air filter ducts)checked the barrel plug connector mounted on top r/frt frame rail under the air ducts, was OK. know to rot and fall apart, making the coolant fan inop etc. Next I pulled out the r/ft. inner wheel skin and pulled off the air pump hose off the electric smog pump, started the car found no air pumping out of the 3/4? hose, replaced the smog pump located behind the r/frt parking lite cost 205.00 from Ford checked after replaced was now pumping air, cleared codes good to go for weeks now!!

On a Taurus…

AIR pump is located on drivers side down by the base of radiator. The switching valves are located on drivers side of engine under and just in front of the air intake hose. The usual culprit is water in the pump. Remove the pump and turn it upside down and see if water comes out. If it does, replace the pump. has the diverter valves,carcode,1139060,parttype,4908 Note, The threads on the valve are soft aluminum and the nut on the tube is of a harder material, Its possible that the threads and nut from the old valve will become one, and the threads from the old valve will be stuck in the nut after removing the old valve. If you don’t clean the threads on the nut before screwing on the new valve you will ruin the the threads on the new valve.

                              Good Luck