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Air Pump Deverter Valve?

please help me find some cheaper option: Check Engine light shows Code P0410, which says is an (Secondary)Air Pump Deverter Valve. One mechanic says $257.00 just for the part, and then maybe the pump will also need replaced. Ugh! Doesn’t the pump come with the valves and replace with a used part??? I was hoping to give this car, which I love and does have 167K miles on it, to a needy friend. But! what are my options???

Is the car subject to emissions testing?

i have the same problem on my s10. get your mechanic to hook it up to a scan tool, and then he will be able to command the pump to turn on. if it doesn’t then that is your problem. if it does it could be a plug in the plumbing or a clogged check valve, or that your diverter valve is not opening. I was able to track mine down to the wiring to the diverter valve solenoid in about a 45 min with a volt meter and a screw driver and i’m just a weekend grease monkey. I’m sure a good mech could do the same in less time. It is a really easy circuit. If he can’t then maybe time for a new mech? What year is your intrigue? I can look up the diagram and see if we have the same setup. maybe issue some pointers? I dunno.

If you do need to replace parts, used parts are a fraction of the price of new.

If you mean do we have to by law, the answer is no, it is not.

thanks, I will try to talk to him about the wiring thing. I think he already said that he thinks it is the valve not opening on one side, don’t know if he checked the wiring or just stopped there. My Intrigue is 2000. thanks again!

yes, of course I realize used parts are cheaper, BUT, the concern was whether that type of thing is something you can replace from a junk yard, or if should go ahead and get the Whole Pump if it comes with the valves too as one part?