98 Taurus - CEL - Code P0411

98 Taurus, 6cyl, 3.0L OHV, 184K miles. Check engine light is on and code reads “P0411 - secondary air injection system - incorrect flow”. This is my son’s hand me down car and has a rather large exhaust leak that I plan on fixing. Could this code be related ?? I found out that the CEL has been on for quite sometime now and the car is due for emmisions testing (state inspection) in October.

Yes. The code and the exhaust leak are probably related.

The secondary air injection system utilizes a pump to inject air into the exhaust before the catalytic converter to light off the cat. This system comprises of hoses and check valves. Inspect the hoses and check valves from the injector pump down the exhaust pipe for leaks.


Pretty common on the Taurus with some miles on em…had the same thing happen on my 96 Sable with about 120k on it.

If the exhaust leak is not under the engine bay then probably not related. If the air pump is working then the problem is one of the two diverting air valves.