Sebring convertible horn

Help. The horn on my sebring convertible works fine if the car is sitting in the driveway. When I’m driving it only works sporadically. Beep. . .beep, beep,. . .nothing. . .nothing, beep. Needless to say, dangerous. Can’t find anything online anywhere. Car is currently at the dealership and the mechanic told me he has another exact same sebring with the same problem.

The problem could be a loose connection in the wiring or the horn ring and contact in the steering wheel. I lean more towards the steering wheel problem. Grease, dirt or other debris can cause the horn to work intermittently. The horn relay could be suspect but not likely.

First guess: clock spring in the steering wheel.
With the car standing still try the horn with the steering wheel in different positions.

Second guess: loose connection. Wiggle connectors and wiring harnesses etc. while a helper blows the horn.

Otherwise get another horn from a junkyard.

Sorry. Should have given a little more info. Horn pad has been replaced as well as the clock spring. Nada. Still the same. This has been going on, seriously, for years. I’ve told the dealership to find out if another horn can be installed with a button on the dashboard. Since they have another Sebring that was just brought in with the same problem, I’m thinking it’s a larger issue than just my car. Ugh! If anybody hears/knows anybody with the same issues, please, please, let me know. Thanks!

What year, model, motor?

It’s a 2004 (I thought it was 2005) 4 cylinder Sebring convertible.

I wonder if the horn isn’t making good contact with the chassis of the car(the ground). It could be that the horn is loose on its mounting bracket or the mounting bracket is loose on the frame. When the car is sitting, the electrical connection is made. When the car is moving, the vibration may interrupt the ground. Take the horn and its bracket loose from the car and clean the bolts and bracket so that there is no corrosion. As a last result, run a wire from the horn mounting bolt to a good ground on the chassis of the car.

Thanks! This makes sense. I’ll pass this along to the mechanic at the dealership and keep my fingers crossed. In the meantime, if there are any other suggestions, please let me know.
Thanks, again!