Brakes and horn connection

I have a 2005 Chrysler Sebring convertible that has recently begun randomly blowing the horn when I apply the brakes. I have had it fixed once (they said it was the relay switch and replaced it). But within 4 days, it happened again. I press the brakes and at a certain point, the horn begins to blow. When I have the brake pedal to its full point, it stops. It’s embarrassing and dangerous, as the horn beeps when I am stopping at a red light with other traffic. Anybody have an idea as to what causes this?

If you sit in the driveway or park and press the brake pedal, does the horn beep? If you have to be moving to get the horn to beep, it is likely something shifting around as you are stopping grounding the horn wire. The mechanic will have to eyeball that wire to see where the possibilities are.

The wires from the horn go down the steering column and then on to the fuse box and so forth. Along the way they might be getting rubbed by the top of the brake pedal lever near where it pivots under the dashboard. If you (or a mechanic) looks up under the dash, at the area around the top of the brake pedal lever, you might see a dangling or loosely hanging wire that gets moved around when you step on the brake. If you do, and you move it away and wrap it with electrical tape, peace and quiet may return.

Or, I could be completely wrong.