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Random horn without activation

My 2005 sebring horn sounds off randomly usually in cold weather.pounding on the horn or turning the car off usually gets it to their a solution.

Does the horn work correctly when you want it to? I ask to make a conclusion in regards to the condition of the switches in the air bag housing (they are there aren’t they?). I have replaced the switches in several horn pads but the air bag complicates things. Your pounding fix leads me to believe the problem is with these switches,or just maybe underneath them in the wiring.

the horn does work correctly when needed.

We must make a connection between pounding on the horn pad and a silencing of the horn.

Often the clock spring is the cause of this problem in these cars.

Clock springs being air bag related, I don’t believe they carry the horn signal. I don’t have a schematic to look at so I don’t dismiss the idea.

The clock spring has the horn passing through it on this car.the caravans have this problem also.