Horn Malfunction

Horn goes off intermittently with ignition on or off. Seems to occur when the temperature goes down. There has not been a recall so far but other owners have had problems. Any quick fixes?

What year Sebring?
Have you checked for TSBs?

Chances are that the problem is in the “clockspring” area of the steering column, that assemblage that allows the electrical circuits to maintain continuity while the steering wheel turns. But hey, if there’s a TSB you may save some cash.

It is a 2006 Sebring Touring Convertible. Have checked safety recalls but not TSB’s.

Horn goes off just sitting in the parking lot with no driver. Seems to have a mind of its own!

I’m going to stick with my original guess. The horn circuit is “always hot”, meaning the circuit stays ready to beep the horn reardless of the condition of anything else. And is does go through the clockspring mechanism.

Steering wheel assemblies include a lot of plastic pieces, many of which contract and otherwise change shape when they get cold. Something in there is likely causing a short to ground of the horn circuit.

If you work on this yourself, before you mess with this, get a manual and follow the directions for deenergizing the airbag. The worst thing you can do is accidently deploy the bag. You can get injured that way…and those bags are $$$$$$$$.

Good advice! I was told that I cannot disable the horn without screwing up the airbag. I thought I could just pull the fuse to stop the horn. What do you think?


I strongly recommend against it. The horn is there to preevnet accidents, and IMHO is one of the most basic of the safety devices. Think of the burden you’lll have to bear if you disble it and next week you see someone’s child about to run in front of your car…and you’re unable to stop in time or warn him/her.