Seat Exeo problem


Hi my car is a seat Exeo problem I have one day I was in reverse gear then put it into first gear but the reverse lights stayed on and the parking sensors stayed on I started driving down the road and the alarms would start going off also I can’t open the windows the interior light keeps flashing the boot won’t unlocks I can’t unlock the car with my key remote
And the alarm goes off anytime it also tells me

the bonnet is open when it’s closed on the computer I disconnected the battery to try to stop play alarm but now the car has got no power when I reconnected the battery any ideas thank you my car is a seat Exeo not an Audi A4

I think your alarm system has disabled the car because it thinks it is being stolen.

Best answer I can give is to have it towed to a dealership.
They would be the only ones with the access to the codes to clear the alarm.


I am with @ Yosemite on this one, would bet a few pesetas that something is wrong with the alarm system. An outside chance the battery / alternator are failing and there is not enough power to run everything. I assume you are in Spain and this is the Audi built car for your market.

I forget now is the bonnet the hood or the trunk? I didn’t know they had hood indicators but that’s a good idea. On our last Acura, more than once I’d be driving on the highway and discover the hood had been unlatched.

Hood is bonnet trunk is boot