Audi alarm system

car: audi a4, year: 2001 1.8T

the rear window glass[driver side] has become loose and seems to want to slide down on its own. i have manually raised it - to keep it shut. as a consequence after the car is locked and the anti-theft alarm system is engaged, a passing car [i think] might rattle the window and engages the alarm.

i haven’t had to time to get the window fixed to see if that’ll make the problem go away - in the meanwhile i am looking for a way to turn off the anti-theft alarm system so it doesn’t go off intermittently.

please help

Late to the conversation but you should be able to lower the sensitivity of your alarm its on a scale of 0-100 using a VAG-COM cable… connects into the little OBD-II plug by your just under the steering wheel by the door.

You can get a cheap one on ebay for about $20 to change some cool features (read: disable annoying seatbelt chime, 1 touch unlock all, remote windows) - no need to get the expensive full version which allows for more advanced functions.

More info step-by-step in setting up using the cable: google “$20 ebay Vag-com” should be the 1st result. Learn how to set it up and then try the process below:

45-Int. Monitor: ** KWP-1281
VAG-COM Works fine (note: This is tied in with 35-Central Locking so it may not work with pre-'97).

Sensitivity Adjustment

[45 - Int. Monitor]
[Adaptation - 10]
Enter channel 01
Enter a value between 50-100 (it should be 100 by default) for the sensitivity of the ultra-sound sensors

Info found on the alarm coding specifically at: http://www.audizine. com/forum/showthread.php?259227-CAR-ALARM!!!/page3

Hope this is helpful to someone. Good luck!