Wacko Audi A4 elecctrical problems

I was minding my own business when my 2002 Audi A4 started acting up. All of these issues occur on an intermittent basis. First, none of the windows roll down. Second, the interior lights come on and stay on even when the doors are closed. Third, the obnoxious seat belt warning beep stays on even when my seat belt is on and the doors are closed. Fourth, the remote control will not lock the car (although the key works). Fifth, the remote control will not unlock the trunk. All of these seem to happen at the same time. My car is silver color.

Body control module.

All the systems you’re having problems with are controlled thru the BCM.


As usual, Tester is right on target.

The lights on mine keep blowing

It was the lock assembly inside the driver’s door. It controls all the things I was having trouble with. Thanks for the comments.