Seat Belts -- Lifetime Warranty?



I own a 1996 GMC Jimmy, and the seatbelts have stopped “locking” when I step on the brakes or when I pull on the belts quickly.

I spoke with a local mechanic about this issue, and he told me to take the Jimmy into the nearest dealer, as all belts have a lifetime warranty.

So my car is at the dealer today, and he is disputing this information from my local mechanic; the dealer wants to charge me for labor to fix the defective seat belts.

Who is “zoomin” who in this case? Is the dealer correct? Your advice would be much appreciated.


The only company I know of that has a lifetime warranty on their seatbelts is Honda and I don’t know it that is for all years and models.

Some others may, but it sounds like GM does not.


The dealer is probably correct, but the answer to this question should be sitting in your glove compartment. Check the warranty booklet to see what it says about the duration of coverage on your seatbelts.


The seat belts do not have a lifetime warranty. GM covers seat belts for 3 years/36000.

Check your owners manual.