Seat Belt Warrantys



I’ve got a Mazda MPV (2005) that has a non functioning seat belt. The warranty is up on the vehicle but I thought there was a federal requirement for a longer warranty on seat belts. Does anyone know if that is true and if so what the federal warranty requirement on seat belts is?


Mazda Guy


I had a seat belt seize up on my 20 year old Accord and Honda fixed it free of charge no questions asked. Go to Mazda and ask for a “goodwill” repair. I don’t know what the federal regs are, however.


There is no need for this issue to be a mystery.
The solution is to open your Owner’s Manual to the section where the coverage of all of the car’s warranties is detailed. One of these warranties deals specifically with the seat belts.

Since some car manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on seatbelts and others do not, I don’t believe that there is a federal requirement. The coverage listed for your Mazda’s seat belts is the coverage that you have. What you see is what you get.


I believe it varies by car maker; from the standard period to lifetime. A quick look shows that Mazda carries 6 years/60k miles on 91 and new vehicles.