Seatbelt: Where find replacement for older car?

My '94 Mazda Protege just flunked inspection due to a frayed lapbelt. So far my search of local junk yards has yielded nothing (they crush the older cars). I have e-mailed Mazda to see if it has a lifetime warranty on seatbelts. If the answer is no, are there any other suggestions besides paying top price from a dealer? Any web sites with honest folk selling replacement parts for older models?

Google “Used Mazda Parts” and do a nation-wide search at online salvage yards. Which belt is frayed? Lap or shoulder? What state are you in?

The driver’s shoulder belt is frayed. I’m in Virginia.

A good automotive UPHOLSTERY shop, one that does convertible tops maybe, MIGHT be able to REPAIR your existing belt by replacing the webbing. But most shops are gun-shy about seat-belts…Lawyers and liability insurance problems…But it’s worth a try…

A salvage yard will sell you the entire belt assembly, retract mechanism and all, and you may need a body shop to install it.

I e-mailed one online website about a replacement seatbelt; it’s the kind of site that farms out your parts request to salvage yards in your state. I’ll also look into the upholstery shop idea too. Thanks!


Yes! In eBays search window, type “Mazda seat belt” and see what comes up…

You can find them there - $20 up to $150

Cool! Thank you very much!

The US Government may have rules about replacing seat belts. You might findt the information at:


Oh my, this may be a federal case! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out to see if any federal rules apply to my situation.

If you can’t find any information after a short look, call their information number. Someone should be able to help you find the statute if it exists. I seem to recall that you can’t use recycled belts, but don’t believe it with out checking with NHTSA.