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Seat belt chime adjustment

My 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe seat belt chime or beeper rings too long, too loud, and too much. Even in Park. It is incessant and irritating. Hyundai’s service dept claims that adjusting it will compromise the computer system in the car. I can’t believe someone, somewhere, can’t lower the sound and shorten the number of chimes on this model. Our Lexus chimes do not drive us crazy, but then, they came that way. Thanks in advance for advice. ASB, Charlotte, NC

have them turn it off.

comprimises nothing.

they lied to you.

check the manuel,and you can do it yourself.

Thanks for your reply. I will get to the bottom of this although I have not read about an adjustment yet; page 66 describes the various rings. Will return to the dealership this week and see the mgr if necessary.