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Seat belt warning chime

my 2003 Ford Escape warning chime goes off upon start-up. But not all of the time. It lasts for 5 minutes and then (thankfully) stops. This has been going on for 5 years, no one has a clue–some seatbelts have been replaced to no avail. We also engage belts when no one is seated in that space, but it doesn’t stop the chime.

It may be best to see if the chime system itself is bad and replace it. If that doesn’t work then all the inputs to it need to be checked for a problem. One of them appears to have a problem on it.

Thank you, I will do that again…when we replaced the seatbelts in front, they supposedly checked all of that out. I was hoping they could simply disconnect it, now that it’s out of warranty, but they said ‘no go’ on that! I appreciate your suggestion!