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Seat belt 101

were can i get a passengers seat belt for a 1997 nissan pickup.the nissan dealer say they don’t make seat belt for a 20 year old truck.

Full seat belt? Given the age of the truck I’d go with a junk yard. They can also tell you if a different year Nissan pickup would be compatible as well

This question sounds familiar, I think someone thought an auto upholstery shop could replace the webbing. Another thought was J C Whitney.

Edit: This looked familiar because the OP asked this very question in July 2016. At that time I said a Google search turned many places to check for seat belts.


I think an auto upholstery shop is going to be very reluctant to sew in a new belt. I had to replace a worn out buckle once and went to a very well known shop in Minneapolis. They didn’t want to do it at all due to liability but finally did. All they had to do was take out the old stitches to pull the buckle and sew in new stitches but they didn’t want anything to do with seat belts. I’d try for new though rather than one that’s been sitting in the yard with the elements and rodents. Should just bolt in.

You could install an aftermarket racing harness. I’ve seen them at Pep Boys.

Better check with your local laws. racing harnesses are not street legal in all States.

Really? Where did you hear/read that? Doing a quick search I found a racing harness that is street legal and DOT approved in less than two minutes.

I guess I should have said “may not” instead of “are not”. I still recommend highly to check with your insurance company before installing them.

The racing harness looks like it would require a lot of mods to work in the car ?

Fabricating attachment points for a racing harness in a stock vehicle would take more effort than buying a used seat belt.

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JC Whitney sells seat belts & accessories

Thre’s another mail order place that sells parts for older trucks, LMC Trucks I think is the name.

Not sure if they have Nissan belts tho.

Agreed, but if the OP cannot find the right OEM seat belt for the vehicle, an aftermarket upgrade might be the only option left. Even if the OP finds a serviceable replacement at a junk yard, finding someone who is willing to install it might be harder than finding someone who will do an aftermarket upgrade.

when I had belts put in my 59 Pontiac it was just a matter of drilling the holes in the floor and bolting them in with large washers. True they were just lap belts back then but a lap belt is still better than no belt, plus I’d be surprised if there weren’t the attaching points for a shoulder harness already there even if there isn’t one now.

Short of a boneyard or Craigslist in your area you might rummage through some eBay listings.

Fabricating attachment points for a racing harness in a stock vehicle would take more effort than buying a used seat belt.


If it was not cost prohibitive, I would have one installed.

I am sure that it safer than a stock seat belt ?

Did a quick search,I saw 2 options, one rebuilds your seat belt, and one has generic seat belts, You put in your make and lengths. I would bet an auto body shop could be of assistance.

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