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Seat belt

anyone know were you can order seat belt other than dealer .I have a 1997 Nissan pickup xe short wheel base model number (7J0071) auto tranny 2.4 liter engine. need seat belt on driver side.

Did you try a Google search??


Parts like that rarely, if ever, are offered by aftermarket sources. You need a genuine Nissan part from a dealer.

I found a universal fit seat belt and shoulder strap some 15 years ago for my 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass in the J.C.Whitney catalog. It didn’t have a retractod, but it did the job. You might Google J.C. Whitney and see if seat belts are still available there that will do the job for you.

“Did you try a Google search?” Of course not , that is too easy.

I put ( seat belt ) in Google and got pages of places offering replacement belts.

Check Street Rodder magazines. Mine has a few advertisements for seatbelts in all types, sizes, forms, and even colors.

Or Google it. Do your own research. Once you learn to do that, it’s amazing what’s out there.


Hemmings Motor News is another possibility for ads from companies that supply seatbelts for older vehicles.

Check the junkyard, ie car recycling center?

I don’t think you can use surplus seat belts.