have a 1997 Nissan pickup xe 2.4 liter short wheel base. need driver side seat belt. and sunvisor was wondering if I could not find that exact 1997 Nissan pickup at junk yard is there any other Nissan crossover parts that the same.

The seatbelt should have a part number on it. Don’t get one from a junk yard. It’s old, sticking and dry rotted. This is your life and a new one is the only way to go. A visor that it that old is not a safety issue. More than likely any Nissan will do. Take your old one with you and search until you find one that is the same color, length and mount.

Check your local salvage yard. They usually have a large interchange book on hand.

I agree with knfenimore. Don’t cut corners on a seat belt.

I would agree that new seat belts are a preferred option but the catch might be finding them. These could be dealer only items and seeing as how the truck is a '97 odds are those belts are considered obsolete and no longer available.

A call to the Nissan dealer should answer that question and if used is the only option then it’s salvage yard or eBay.

I had the webbing and latches replaced by an auto trim shop on a 20 year old car. Also put " seat belt replacement " in your search engine, Google is your friend.