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Any review of after market seat belts?

I’m replacing the driver and passenger seat belts on my '91 Honda with 3-point retractable seat belts.

  1. the motors in the old ones are failing
  2. automatic seat belts aren’t as safe as fixed 3-point retractables.
  3. 1 belt is worn
  4. automatic seat belts are totally annoying

I’m reluctant to buy from a salvage yard - I don’t know if I’d be able to determine if the parts have already been through a serious impact that might compromise their strength.

And new belts from Honda are surprisingly expensive.

I’m looking at after market belts - anyone have reviews to offer on brands?

I’d rather spend more on a quality product that actually protects driver and passenger and won’t fall apart a few months after the warranty expires.

My guess there is little to no aftermarket for Honda. They offer a lifetime warranty on seatbelts in their vehicles.

There seems to be aftermarket for almost ANYthing Honda. Especially for 90’s models.

If I buy aftermaket seat belts, they’d be Universal and I’d do what ever is necessary to instal.

Check with your DMV to see if you are allowed to put used seat belts in before you do it.

Have you considering seeing if dealer will fix the old ones? Not sure if the seatbelt warranty applies to the mouse belts.

I agree I had one of those cars with them and a very reliable except belts broke/annoying. I used as an excuse to dump an Accord and get a bit newer Acura.

How/where are you going to attach the shoulder belt?

Liability issues will have ruled out any aftermarket conversion kits… Gerry-rigging seat belts is not the answer to your problem…

“How/where are you going to attach the shoulder belt?”

Since this car was not originally designed to have the shoulder harnesses attached to the center pillar, deciding where to drill and how to attach the belts will be essentially a crap-shoot which may or may not be correct.
I would suggest having the original door-mounted belts replaced at a Honda dealership–whether it is covered by warranty or not.

It’s not actually a question of jerry-rigging a conversion. If you’d taken apart the hardware, you’d see what I’m trying to say.

The current hardware isn’t mounted on the door, it’s mounted on the top of the door frame. The rail on which the “mouse” travels on the top of the door frame isn’t the anchor point. When the mouse travels to it’s home at the top of your shoulder, it sits in a bracket that connects it to the heavy anchors on the center pillar. Most of the rail is only held in place by metal clips. And the lap belt anchors to the base of the center pillar.

There won’t be any drilling. From the research I’ve done on the process, I suspect it will be relatively un-complicated: the 3-point retractable mechanisms will be bolted onto the center pillar exactly where the previous mechanisms were mounted, probably using the same hardware.

Honda no longer makes these parts, so dealer replacement is off the table.

The concerns you’re all raising are totally valid. Thanks.

Can anyone offer a review of commonly available after-market seat belts?

Give us a product to review…Exactly what commonly available seat belt system do you have in mind?