Seat Angle Adjustment

I am considering buying a 1991 Ford F250 XLT Lariat Extended cab pickup, but when I looked at it today I couldn’t see any way to adjust the angle of the driver’s seat back. There is a lever to flip the seat back and whole seat forward to gain access to the extended cab area, but no obvious way to adjust the seat back angle. Is there a hidden way to adjust it, or am I stuck with the factory angle?

Does it have a bench seat like the one pictured below? If so I think it will have a fixed angle.

If it has bucket seats, is it possible that the threads holding the lever in place were stripped and the lever came off? Look for a hole in the side of the seat bottom near where the back joins it. If you see a silver bolt inside the hole you might be able to get a replacement lever from the dealer if they still make them.