Passenger seat on 2007 Pontiac G6 convertible

I recently purchased a 2007 G6 convertible and would like to find a way to make the front passenger seat back more upright than the standard design. I do not want to go with cushions, etc. but would rather make some sort of adjustment to be able to sit straighter without leaning back so much while in the passenger seat in the car. The is no problem with the driver’s seat with the power lift and lumbar support. However, there is no power in the passenger’s seat. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

An automotive upholstery shop should be able to modify the seat to meet your needs… With the seat folded forward, there might be a visible adjustment screw that controls the angle of the seat-back…

Are you sure there is not an adjustment?? My 09 Sedan is adjustable, and the parts diagram for an 07 Convert shows the adjustment. It is a lever on the right side back of the bottom seat cushion. Pull on the lever and adjust the back.

Otherwise I dunno, I think you’d have to get a different frame from a junk yard or have the one you’ve got modified after taking the upholstery off.

My niece owns this same model and her seat backs are adjustable. You just have to look.

By all means check for a seat adjustment. I once owned a 1965 Rambler and found that the seat reclined at too steep an angle. I found a bent part and replaced it and that brought the seat to a more upright position.
Another experience I had was driving a Hyundai Sonata that my university had rented for me to drive to a conference. I was pressed for time and after picking up the car, started immediately out for the conference. The seat was too low for me and the seatback was at a terrible angle. I picked up my research partner who lives 50 miles away and teaches at a different university. She is very accomodating and offered to drive. I immediately gave her the wheel. She is only 5’4" tall and was also uncomfortable. Both of us were pulling up on a handle that we thought would change the angle of the seatback, but it didn’t do anything. For the next 100 miles, we swapped driving a couple of times. On the way back from the conference, I decided to be nice and drive the 70 miles to the first rest stop. At the rest stop, I decided that no manufacturer could make a seat so uncomfortable and I took a good look at the situation. The handle we had been pulling up was actually the height adjustment and pushing down and up on the handle raised the seat. I then found another lever that when I pulled it, the seatback snapped into a more upright position. We had driven the car over 200 miles, both being uncomfortable, because we didn’t know how to adjust the seat. Once we discovered how things worked (and the rental company did not leave the manual in the glove compartment), we each were able to find a comfortable driving positon.

After three years of owning our 08 Acura TL, I discovered it had a lumbar bag in it. Of course when I told the wife in amazement, she already knew it. I rarely drove the car and obviously didn’t study the manual enough.