Seat Adjustment Cables BMW 540I 2002

My wife was moving the drivers seat to her settings and the seat went askew. We took it to the dealer and they corrected the problem. Said it was because the cables stretched so they removed both cable assemblies and adjusted them. Told me they twisted and charged me $405 to fix the problem. Said it happens from time to time. Doesn’t sound right to me. The seat goes up and down, foward and back. Why should the cables get twisted. Wasn’t covered under the extended warranty since they claimed it wasn’t broken. Does anyone have an opinion. Thanks, Bill

Typical extended warranty. Not worth the paper it’s printed on. It didn’t work, but it wasn’t broken, so they didn’t pay for fixing it. Did the dealer you took the car to also sell you the warranty? Looks like they have some culpability there too.

Yes I bought the warranty from the dealer. However, they sent me to a sales lady who represented the company in a separate office in the service department but they recommended I get the warranty. I’m going to call BMW to find out what they feel causes the seat to go askew because I just can’t believe it is the cables getting twisted. Any other ideas on how to research this problem? Thanks for you reply.