Seafoam Anyone?

Planning on using it on an 85 BMW 318i. Anything I should know?

I’m always suspicious of products that claim to fix with liquid what is generally only fixable by wrenches. Just thought I’d try to get some feedback on positive vs negative opinions. I’m thinking of doing it as part of an overall tune-up.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Certain problems can indeed by cured with the right additive. But too many folks dump in additives as a routine health tonic, and others apply it to every symptom expecting miracles. Those folk are simply wasting their money.

Since you have not mentioned any particular problem that your BMW is experiencing, why bother with Seafoam? But go ahead. Can’t hurt and might make you feel better.

Seafoam as more than one product & the most common one (motor treatment) has multiple uses.

So…what do you have? What are you going to do with it? And to what kind of problem is it being applied?

That said, seafoam motor treatment is generally regarded as a great product for its specified uses. It can only clean some stuff up though.

Oh it’s just a car that I picked up dirt cheap and I’m trying to do everything I can to clean it out / up so it can be used as a daily driver. Has som rough idle but this is like, honestly, 1/10th (if it’s that much) of a comprehensive plan to “tighten” everything up mechanically. Sounds like you guys more or less have a positive view on seafoam, so I’ll go ahead and use it.

Oh, and the car sat for awhile, maybe 6 months to a year before I got it.