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Seafoam engine cleaner

I’ve put Seafoam in my gasoline tank yesterday but I think its to soon to tell if it is working. What are other’s oppinions on the effectiveness of seafoam and can I use it safely in the crankcase of my higher mileage, (186,000) 1.9 liter ford engine. Thank you, J.H.

SeaFoam has to be one of the best products put on the market. Here’s a list of it’s uses.

Fuel stabilizer

Injector cleaner

Carbon cleaner

Sludge cleaner

Starting fluid

I always have one or two cans on the shelf waiting to do it’s thing.

Yes, pour a half a can into the crankcase with the oil and it will help to clean sludge and deposits in the engine and on pistons and valve stems. Anywhere the oil goes.


What do you expect it to do?. And, yes, it’s too soon. Look for certain effects after the tank is used.

I emailed sea foam an their reply is add 2 ounces to oil and drive 20 miles an change oil. They also stated one can add the 2 ounces in oil an drive just changing the oil more often but did not say how often. Now before every oil change i add it an drive an change oil. It has stopped lifter noise in 2 ply vans we have . It in gas tank is the best cleaner i have ever used. Restored the go in my toy 4 runner. Stopped the stalling at stopping in my olds cutlas. too.

Yes, it’s too soon to tell. Personally, I don’t like the idea of pouring anything but clean motor oil into the crankcase of an engine, regardless of mileage. But it’s your car.

If nothing is wrong, it likely will do nothing. If any of a few different problems exist, it may eliminate or reduce them. Are you trying to fix a problem when you don’t know if you have one??? :slight_smile:

A Chemical Engineer that worked for an oil company told me that if any of these aftermarket additives for oil or gas were worth anything they would be or are in the oil or gas already. A significant portion of motor oil is additives designed to do what these aftermarket fluids do. Gasoline has additives designed to do all the things you want it to do. You just up the concentration, which makes the automakers nervous.

That may be true for products like STP, but Seafoam is a great product.

I’ve used it mainly for induction cleaning. Half a can poured into the vacume line, then the other half in the tank. It smokes like crazy but cleans the induction clean as a whistle.

I expect the Seafoam to clean my injectors, remove carbon from cylinder walls and valves and valve stems, and to increase throttle response restore lost power and smooth out the idle. Tall order? I don’t know, but car sounds better so far as I can tell.

The car seemed to have a rough idle, it kind of felt bogged down. It lacked power The car just drove not very smoothly.

I used to do this same thing with a pint of diesel fuel poured into the carburetor of an air-cooled VW. Smoked like hell but worked GREAT as far as the engine was concerned.

I have no experience with Seafoam, but I find it hard to believe that it is the one and only miracle product that actually works.

It’s your money.

Hi I have Used Seafoam Many Times. I was told about it by a Craftsman Truck Series Race team Mechanic. If that isn’t a Good enough Recommendation I don’t know what is. I have Used it many times in High Concentration in Motorcycle Gas tanks… Has Cleaned the Carbs out everytime… From rough to no Idle to Running smooth on 5 different Motorcycles. i had less than half a gallon in one, Used a Full can, let it run until it Idled Smooth, then added cheap unleaded Fuel to tank, and it Still Runs great without ANY hesitation over 1 year, and 8,000 miles later. I reccomend it to Everyone I talk to…

It only takes a day or 25-50 miles to see the results. I have a AUDI A4 V6 3.2. I had a CEL for misfire. The dealer changed the Coil Packs and Spark pluges. Three trips and still CEL for misfire. I put some seafoam in the engine and drove the 25-50 miles. CEL OFF and car runs great. This is some good S- - - -.