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Does anyone really know if this stuff works or not. Is it recommended or not? Thanks

Well? If I never saw positive results from a product I wouldn’t purchase it. And I have three cans of SeaFoam. Engine Treatment, Trans-tune, and Deep-Creep. Seafoam is new to the country. But those of us in Minnesota have known the SeaFoam name for over 50 years.

There’s nothing in SeaFoam that can harm the engine/transmission or emissions system. And the Deep-Creep penetrant doesn’t flash off as readily when heat is applied.


I would use it if I had an idle or engine hestation issue, but would not use it as a continuing maintenance item as Seafoam suggests you should use every 2-5K miles. It is attractive as a three in one function item (injector cleaning, crankcase additive, fuel tank additive), so you don’t have to use or buy a single function additive.

In general, I don’t think today’s engines need these additives unless they have exhibited a problem that needs to be dealt with. I question the preventative aspects as well as the miles between treatment recommendations that goes with it.

When an additive ia needed, SeaFoam is a great product to use. It not only is an outstanding product but is much, much cheaper than many other products on the market.

Tester used to mention SeaFoam on this forum and it struck me as as great product but it was not available in my area. Several years back they started marketing it here, I tried it several times, and was sold on it.

I used it on a car with a quarter million miles on it to clean the sludge out of the crankcase vent and the EGR line. Seemed to work pretty well.

If you have the right problem and you use it properly it is often successful. I would recommend it under those conditions. It seems some people use it as a cure all and for that it will not often work. It is a good tool but you can’t use a screw driver to hammer nails.

If you’re adding it to the intake, just make sure the wind is blowing and that you’re on good terms with your neighbors-- it makes a LOT of not very pleasant smoke. I guess that’s how you know it’s working!

I used it on an auto trans that wasn’t shifting well and it cured the situation for quite a while. Of course, I have no way of knowing if it caused any damage to the trans.